COVID -19 Update

Jenkins & Davies Engineering hope that all our colleagues/Friends & Clients continue to remain well during this difficult time.

The Corona Virus Pandemic continues to have a foothold within the UK with new variants developing – The Delta variant seems to be very transmissible and is establishing itself throughout our communities. The Vaccination programme is well under way and hopefully the vaccinations will prevent more serious cases requiring hospital treatment and prevent the NHS from becoming overrun. By following the basic rules, we can all help to keep the infections rates down.

We are back to normal running whilst continuing to monitor the pandemic and will adjust our business to suit the current day to day environment.

Whilst the UK is beginning the slow opening of our communities, with restrictions being lifted, there may still be difficult times ahead. By following the good standards, we have set ourselves over these difficult months, we can help support the safe opening up of business and the economy, whilst getting back to our normal day to day activities.

The Covid risk assessments we developed in 2020 are being reviewed on a regular basis and will continue to support our efforts in keeping ourselves /visitors and communities safe. We will keep these in place until such a time as it is safe to amend them.

We must remember that this virus has not gone away, and by following the basic hygiene rules, with social distancing we can help stop the spread and prevent outbreaks from occurring.

Welcome to the Jenkins & Davies Engineering website. We are a mechanical engineering company working across the UK and Ireland in the petrochemical industries, marine and LNG industries.

Our greatest strength is the quality of our workforce. We deliver projects on time, within budget and to a very high standard – we pride ourselves on being the best contractor wherever we work.

If you would like to know more about us please contact me. I look forward to hearing from you.

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