Heat Exchangers

Heat Exchangers

Jenkins & Davies Engineering have a highly skilled workforce in the removal and insertion of heat exchangers.  We have 25 years’ experience working on many of the major refining and chemical plants in the UK and Ireland working on floating heads, U-Tubes, Brownfinns, Vertical and Plate exchangers.

We are considered the preferred contractor with our clients due to the efforts of our dedicated team and their full commitment to always bring each job to conclusion, safely, on time and within budget.

Our work tends to fall into two categories.  During shutdowns we can field a team of 75 who provide a ‘spade to spade’ service across the site.  We have close working relationships with jetting and machining companies so we can offer a full service to include planning, blinding, mechanical stripping, bundle extraction, cleaning, bundle repairs (re-tubing and machining), bundle insertion, boxing up, pressure testing and de-blinding, complete with full QA documentation.

The second category would be working within routine maintenance teams with specialist support in heat exchangers.  This could be working on a small number of exchangers or we can respond quickly to assist in the removal of a single bundle.

We have three Peinemann Hydraulic Bundle Extractors and can pull up to a bundle weight of 45 tonnes.  For smaller exchangers we have a number of air driven extractors and an extensive store of hand chain or air blocks and Tirfors for where access is restricted.

We can also re-tube exchangers either in-situ or off site, this can be a full or partial re-tube.

We believe we are the number 1 company in the UK offering this service.

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